• Rwandan Knora - Single Origin Arabica Beans
  • Rwandan Knora - Single Origin Arabica Beans

Rwandan NKora

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Rich Berry Goodness…

Rwandan Nkora is a refreshing and light coffee with high citrus fruit acidity, balanced by rich juicy berry flavours, delicate black tea and spices. It is a smooth and refined single origin coffee.

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A bit about where the beans come from:
Rwandan coffee has returned to its excellent quality thanks to the drive of local growers and developmental assistance form Europe and the USA. Rwandan coffees are famous for their soft, rich and full flavours with ‘grassy tropical notes.
Nkora washing station is located on the eastern side of Lake Kivu, in the western district of Rubavu. The washing station works in cooperation with 750 small batch farmers from 12 locations in the district.

Nkora washing station is currently owned by the French investment company CAFEERWA, who are known for the reinvestment and incentive policies towards Rwandan small batch coffee farmers.

The beans grow at an Altitude of 1,450-1,800 masl. They have been picked by hand, dry fermentation, soaked and sun dried.

What you will taste:
Rich juicy berry flavours, delicate black tea and spices. A smooth and refined coffee.

Roast type: Medium

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 19 × 4.5 cm
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